At SolShine Energy Alternatives, we offer design and installation of  photovoltaic systems for both home and business. These systems can be either grid-tied, grid-tied with battery backup or off-grid.

The cost of installing a photovoltaic system has never been lower. With module prices less than $0.75 a watt and many home owners qualifying for a 30% Federal Tax credit, the time couldn’t be better to explore if solar is right for you.

The table below provides an estimate on the installed cost of a roof-mount PV system, without batteries, to offset 100% of a household’s monthly electric ¬†bill.

Electric BillPV System SizeInstalled System Cost*After 30% Tax Credit
$15.00~ 1.4kW~ $3,920~ $2,744
$30.00~ 2.7kW~ $7,560~ $5,292
$50.00~ 4.5kW~ $12,600~ $8,820
$75.00~ 6.8kW~ $17,680~ $12,376

* Note: Contact a tax professional to see if you qualify.

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