Repair & Maintenance

SolShine Energy Alternatives offers repair and maintenance services for existing photovoltaic systems. We excel at troubleshooting system failures & inefficiencies of grid-tie and off-grid systems.

Assessing the health of components such as solar modules (aka solar panels), inverters, charge controllers and batteries is our specialty.  Call us if you suspect a failure or underperformance.

Determining if a PV system is underperforming can be difficult. SolShine Energy Alternatives can safely assess your system’s performance and make recommendations to enhance efficiency or repair any failures.


SolShine Energy also offers scheduled preventative maintenance services along with cleaning of modules. Long periods of no precipitation can cause an accumulation of dust and dirt that will reduce a PV system’s efficiency from 4 to 20%.

A Clean Array is a Happy Array!

Contact us to asses your PV system’s condition or if your system is in need of repair.

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